is a home warranty worth it

is a home warranty worth it

Is a Home Warranty Worth It? The Overall Numbers. If all of our customers had decided to pay for all of their repairs and replacements without a home warranty each of the repairs we made, they would have, in total spent around $35,203,844. Instead, those customers saved money and used a home warranty for their repairs and replacements. On.

The average cost of a home warranty service contract ranges between $300-$600 per year. The cost will vary depending on where you live and the level of coverage you need.

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If you do decide to go with a home warranty, how much coverage you need will depend on your home and appliances. This is where it pays to talk to your home inspector about what aspects of your new home may soon need work. "I tend to recommend the middle package, [a slight upgrade from the basic]," Nauman says.

Some home warranty companies won’t cover problems that exist before buying a policy. If your AC unit is already broken, don’t expect the warranty to cover repairs when a warranty takes effect. home warranty cost. Another big factor in deciding if a home warranty is worth buying is its cost.

Are home warranties worth it? The cost of a home warranty ranges from $350 to $600 a year – more if you want enhanced coverage for such things as washers and dryers, pools and septic systems.

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It’s a debatable question if buying for yourself, but if a seller or broker is paying the tab then there’s every reason to get one. Indeed, insist on it. If you worry about budgeting for unexpected and costly home repairs, a warranty that helps you sleep at night may be well worth its cost.

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“A home warranty will repair or replace.covered systems and appliances when they break down from normal. Is it worth it? that depends.

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