Get Out Of Line Meaning

Get Out Of Line Meaning

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Line | Definition of Line at – something arranged along a line, especially a straight line; a row or series: a line of trees. a number of persons standing one behind the other and waiting their turns at or for something; queue. something resembling a traced line, as a band of color, a seam, or a furrow: lines of stratification in rock.

OUT OF LINE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary – Word of the Day. gender gap. a difference between the way men and women are treated in society, or between what men and women do and achieve

BBC – Future – Will religion ever disappear? – Scholars are still trying to tease out the complex factors that drive an. but if they can't get out of it, they want to find meaning,” Norenzayan says. anyone who steps out of line likely helped to keep order in ancient societies.

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out of line – Wiktionary – Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see out of, line. I lost my place when I had to get out of line to find you. (idiomatic) Inappropriate or unsuitable, especially by reason of being unmannerly or indelicate. I hope my comments yesterday were not out of line. Not in a line.

Out of line | Define Out of line at – For example, His remarks were totally out of line. It is often put as get out of line or step out of line, meaning "behave improperly," as in She really stepped out of line when she called him incompetent in front of his boss. [late 1700s] 2. Not in agreement with general practice, as in Their prices are way out of line with other hotels.

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